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How long will delivery take for my order?

Delivery for almost all orders is less than 24 hours after your order has been placed.

In rare cases, it may take 2-3 days on some large orders or if we are backlogged with other orders. All orders are first come first serve!

All orders are first come first serve. We would love to be able to provide immediate delivery for every order, and in some cases we do when we have it on hand (Our chat system will always provide you an ETA)! However, in most cases, it will take us a little while to finish completing your order.

This is a very unlikely scenario but it does happen every so often.

If you haven't heard from us after 24 hours (especially if you are a new customer), first off we deeply apologize for your wait and lack of communication. In this case, we are heavily backlogged and will send you an update as quick as we can. You can always message us in our chat to receive an update.

We are available from the hours of 9am-11pm CST and in most cases during those times, you will receive an immediate response. If we have not responded immediately in our chat to you during the normal working hours, then we are unavailable/down for maintenance.

If you send us an email at, you will ALWAYS receive a response from us but it may take awhile for us to get back to you (usually less than a few hours).

If you place your order in the afternoon (CST), in most cases, it will be completed before the next morning. in rare cases, it may take 48 hours.

Yes! We no longer provide PLs for our clients unless we have access to your account. This is due to security purposes. Apologies for this inconvenience!

If this happens, we do apologize but we are not superhuman (although the characters we deliver to are, hehe).

There are scenarios where we are simply busy and cant quite get to you in that very instance but rest assured you will always get your order delivered to you.

Yes we do. Please message us in our chat so we can accommodate you to the best of our abilities.

We are a team of veteran players who have been playing since live and have been doing this for a long time. We are confident in our build building techniques.

We are a team of veteran US based players who have been playing the game since release. We still play the game to this day for fun and see our customers quite often! /em wave