Tier I Ultimate Enhancement Set

Tier I Ultimate Enhancement Set

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Purchase of 1 ENTIRE ULTIMATE (Purple) ATTUNED set. This includes all 6 within the set. Tier I enhancements consist of those that cost typically more than 20-25+ million on the Auction House. 

Delivery on ALL SERVERS available! Please put your character and server information in the note box before checkout.

DISCLAIMER: Due to security precautions, we do not email flat influence any longer. Typically orders are delivered within 24 hours but some may take 24-72 hours for delivery! Once we have confirmed your order, we will send you an email once your order is ready. Thereafter, you may pick up at your earliest convenience. After you receive our email stating your order is ready, please contact us in our chat system below. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Brannon Oscarson
Great Service!

Live Chat has been very helpful, service is great.

Robert B - TX
Very happy with the transaction

I have placed orders multiple times and have been very happy each time.

Tyler Frieson
Enchancements purchase

Great service they say 24-48 hou yes s delivery mine was more like a few! Just contact them & see when they're available after purchase. I had to go to work the next day as I bought them the night before, messages in the instant message box & responded almost immediately; then continued to fulfill their transaction as I told them I might be out of the 24 hour window & wanted to make sure I'd be able to pick them up as I wouldn't be on for another 24-36 hours. Great service; highly recommend & would do it again!

Craig W.
Service is fast

Service is quick and fast

John Flemmons

Great communication, very, very polite. Treats the customer with kindness and respect throughout. Has my COHH business permanently!!! Bought several enhancements, and had them ready quickly. I was and still am very pleased.

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